Court-Ordered Restrictions That May Be Required After Assistance From a Bail Bondsman in Lakeland

A Bail Bondsman in Lakeland assists defendants who cannot afford cash bail. By posting a surety bond for a service fee that is a percentage of bail, the agency secures the defendant’s release before trial. That person will still be required to comply with all conditions of bail that a judge has set, even though technically the defendant is out on bond and not bail.

Examples of Restrictions

A judge may impose many kinds of limitations on a defendant’s behavior after release with help from a surety bond Bail Company, depending on the charges filed. A common requirement is to regularly report for drug and alcohol testing. Travel restrictions may be set. The person may be required to stay away from an individual if charges of assault were made. That may include staying out of a certain residential neighborhood and not going anywhere near that individual’s workplace. The right to own a firearm may be revoked.

Help With the Requirements

A Bail Bondsman in Lakeland may help out with some of the requirements if any are a hardship. For instance, if the agency’s client does not have transportation to the drug testing location, the bondsman may have a staff member provide a ride there. The bonding agent has made an investment in this situation with the surety bond and does not want to see this person lose his or her freedom.

A Better Chance for a Positive Outcome

As long as the defendant follows the instructions and does not get into any further legal trouble, there now is a better chance to achieve a positive outcome in the case. There is no reason to hurry into an unfavorable plea bargain. The defense lawyer may be able to persuade a judge to dismiss the case altogether.

Being locked in jail for any length of time can cause serious damage to the person’s life. As everyone starts to find out that this individual is in jail, his or her reputation is irreparably harmed. Job loss may occur because the person cannot go to work. Obtaining quick service from an agency like Zona Long Bail Bonds prevents these issues.

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