Couples Counseling, Available in Minneapolis

Substance abuse and its related disorders can put a strain on any relationship. Couples counseling is there to stop one problem from becoming a larger one that affects the loved ones in your life. It is a form of therapy focusing on improving aspects of your relationship such as trust and communication. Both parties are expected to attend, although clients may find it helpful to start off in individual sessions until they feel comfortable with the style and techniques of this therapy. Once they are, both parties can attend to work through their problems together.

Mental Health Services

Couples counseling is viewed as one of the many mental health services available in Minneapolis. It is offered alongside numerous other options such as mental health screening, individual therapy, and family therapy. Drug or alcohol addictions often come with co-occurring mental health problems, which creates emotional stress for both parties in a relationship and can often lead to using drugs or alcohol to cope, while leaving the other person feeling frustrated and alone.

Couples Counseling for Substance Abuse

Addiction or substance abuse can break down a relationship even if only one person is suffering from it. There is also the possibility that enabling of the addiction comes from within the relationship, quite often inadvertently. This can happen when the other person covers up for the addicted party, cleaning up after them and taking over their responsibilities. Although this is meant to be helpful, this kind of behavior can actually be damaging for the relationship as well as fueling the addiction. Relationship counseling guides each party to realize and understand these behaviors, and their impact.

Couples therapy in Minneapolis can also identify and resolve the practical problems that come from substance abuse, for example financial, legal, or health problems. The counseling provides support to individuals and couples who might otherwise have thought they have to face these issues alone.

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