Countertops – Options for Beautiful Décor

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Home Improvement

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The different kinds of craftsmanship put into the varying types of countertops reflect the difficulty of actually putting together an area of space such as a kitchen that does not waste the countertops. Minneapolis residents can look to several shops in the area to assemble the stone design they desire.

The Power of Quartz

Granite and marble may be popular designs, but quartz has also been seen as a viable base material for a kitchen countertop. Quartz is a hard, durable stone, which makes it perfect not just for a dining space or a kitchen area, but also for a bathroom. Its sturdiness does not mean it is an uglier material to use as well. From ruby reflections which can bounce the light off the surfaces of the room to a dusty white which provides for a more faded look, the varying types of quartz used in perfecting a space once thought lifeless.

Marble’s Appeal

Yet marble stone countertops remain a simpler, easier option for many. The design adventure of many marble stone pieces of furniture can really make a difference in a room. Whether looking to make the room come off as a more ornate feature, or if you need to blend in with the rest of the style of the room, marble is a great product to do just the trick. From lighter, seemingly unblemished colors to darker design formations which feature careful breaks in the stone, marble is a great finishing touch.

Granite: Elevating the Room

If a room needs more marble touches to complement the more ecstatic artifices of the room, then granite is the design that elevates the feel of the room. Granite with it a sense of beauty and luxury when added. It can transform a powder room into a master bathroom, and transplant a simple dining area to a more elegant place of gathering. Like quartz, granite also has more practical uses besides catching the eye. Its harder texture is actually made of polished stone, which allows granite designs to look just like new over time, with proper care and attention of course.