Counseling and Education Are Important Components Of Cardiac Recovery at Rehabilitation Center in MO

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Health

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Resuming your regular routine after a cardiac episode can be a scary thought. Whether you’ve had a full-blown heart attack, a heart catheterization or bypass surgery, you may very reluctant to just jump back into your daily schedule. Decades ago, you’d just be told to take it easy and avoid doing the things that brought on the heart problems. Today, cardiac rehabilitation is just as important as physical therapy is to a patient who’s had knee or hip surgery. A Rehabilitation Center in MO can guide you through the steps that will help you emerge from your cardiac episode stronger than you were before.

A cardiac rehabilitation program focuses on counseling and education to help you understand why you had cardiac problems and how you can strengthen your heart by making changes to your lifestyle. The rehabilitation process usually begins with a medical evaluation by personnel trained in bringing you back to an acceptable level of activity that your heart can withstand. The evaluation is used to develop a personalized rehabilitation program for you, including setting goals for physical activity and work routines.

Education and counseling are essential in a cardiac rehabilitation program. You’ll need to know whether your condition was brought on by genetic or familial factors over which you had little control, or by lifestyle choices that you can easily change. You’ll work with a counselor to identify habits you need to change, such as smoking. A dietitian can be an important support person in your cardiac rehabilitation program, as it will likely be to your benefit to change your diet. The emotions that come with a life-altering cardiac episode must be dealt with too. Your counselor can help you work through anxiety and depression as you recover.

Another important component of cardiac rehabilitation is physical activity. You may be reluctant to begin any kind of exercise program due to fear that you’ll bring on more problems. Physical activity must be part of cardiac rehabilitation, however. Medical professionals can show you how to monitor your heart rate and your exercise level so that you’ll be aware of situations in which your heart is working too hard. When you work with a Rehabilitation Center in MO like Missouri Delta Medical Center, you can expect a successful recovery from your cardiac episode.