Cost Saving Tips when hiring a Lawyer

Whether you are hiring a Real Estate Attorney Wichita KS needs or a lawyer to handle your will, you can easily watch your bills add up if you are not paying attention. There are many different ways to help keep costs down when working with an attorney. Here are a few tips:

  • Estimates: Most attorneys will be able to provide you with an estimate of their costs for the service you are requesting. Ask for an estimate so that should there be any additional fees you can note them and ask questions. Some attorneys will also offer a cap and if they do make sure you get it in writing to keep your budget under control.
  • Incremental Fees: Make sure you understand the increments that will be charged and how they are applied. Many people do not realize they will be charged for phone calls and spend time on the phone without realizing they just added $50 or more to their bill.
  • Use Itemized Bills: Ask your lawyer to provide you with a bill that lists each charge. You want to be certain you are paying for the services you have used and nothing more. If you know the incremental fees note them yourself so you can match them up and be certain you did in fact make a 15 minute phone call on a certain day and time. If they seem very high clarify who is working on what jobs so you are not overpaying for a large team of people when it could easily take one junior person to do the tasks at hand.
  • Get Ready: Don’t allow yourself to be your own worst enemy. Be certain you are not spending money with long conversations or by taking too long to provide required documents. Being prepared will help you keep your costs down. When possible provide information before meetings so your lawyer has time to prepare. Call them with questions only when necessary or when you have a reasonable amount of questions built up to cut down on fees. Or visit their website for information such as domain URL.

Whether it is your real estate attorney Wichita KS needs or a divorce lawyer your costs will be more manageable using these helpful tips.

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