Cosmetic dentistry and the procedures

For both personal and professional reasons, there is no one who would not want bright, shiny teeth. It is no longer rare to hear such expressions as teeth whitening, veneers or cosmetic dentist in Findlay OH, these are all terms that have crept into modern day vocabulary. As a result of the cosmetic work that can now be done by a dentist, the appointment which used to send chills down a person’s spine can now be looked forward to.

Although there are things on the market such as whitening toothpastes, they often will not give the results, especially if the teeth are quite stained. When these oral treatments don’t work, the next stop is at the cosmetic dentist in Findlay, OH.

There is a lot more to cosmetic dentistry than just teeth whitening. A cosmetic dentist can install veneers which eliminate visible cracks and chips as well as teeth which are uneven. The dentist can implant a tooth or teeth to replace those that may be missing; it is no longer necessary to have uncomfortable dentures or unsightly bridges.

Teeth whitening, a very popular procedure can be done in one two ways; the process can be done in the dentist’s office or at home. Both way, the procedure is safe and painless and over a short time can produce noticeable results and by the end of the treatment the teeth can be five shades lighter. The primary difference between the two approaches is time; the dentist can accomplish the same in a compressed time frame compared to the patient doing it at home.

If the teeth are not only stained, but have surface cracks in the enamel and perhaps chips on the biting surfaces, the solution is to have dental veneers fitted. The veneer is an extremely thin slice of either plastic or porcelain that has be made to fit the exact profile of the tooth. The veneer is attached to the surface of the tooth with a special adhesive and ground to the exact contour. Upon completion the teeth in question are perfect.

More and more people are now willing to pay a cosmetic dentist in Findlay OH for more than just routine teeth care. Many people now see that a bright, inviting smile is well worth having.

Jonathon K Davis DDS and his staff provide a full range of cosmetic services in Findlay, OH.