Cooling System Repair Service in Franklin TN Discusses the Difference in Reusable and Disposable Air Filters

The air filters a homeowner uses for their HVAC system are designed to keep micro-organisms allergens, dirt and dust from circulating throughout the home. They also improve the air quality and filter out any type of debris that can cause issues or damage to the equipment. If the air filter is not changed on a regular basis, there is a good chance that Cooling System Repair Service in Franklin TN will be needed.

There are several options of air filters to choose from and it is essential to determine if reusable or disposable filters are the best option. Some things to consider when considering this can be found here.


It is essential to change the disposable option of HVAC filters approximately once every month depending on the cooling and heating system is used. Replacement is simple and it is usually a good idea to keep additional filters in the home, just for months the system used heavily. If the filter is allowed to become extremely dirty, it can result in higher energy costs, reduced air quality and expensive Cooling System Repair Service in Franklin TN.

The reusable filters available will have to be cleaned monthly, rather than removed and thrown away. A homeowner will have to wash and dry them when they become dirty. As time passes, the reusable filters can start to degrade, and become harder to clean and less efficient. Approximately every five years they will have to be replaced.


There is no question that disposable filters will provide a much more affordable option than the reusable filters up front. Something to consider, though is the number of disposable filters a homeowner will have to purchase by the time the reusable one needs to be replaced. Chances are it will likely cost less to purchase the reusable filter.

As time passes, the washable HVAC filters may lose a portion of their overall efficiency, which can reduce the efficiency of the entire HVAC system, making disposables the more efficient option. Choosing the right filter option will pay off in the long run. Additional help and information can be found by a homeowner who takes the time to click here.

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