Contract Manufacturing Companies – Why Choose American?

If you would like to save on costs and still produce high-quality products for your customers, you may want to consider contract manufacturing companies. They can be the perfect addition to your business and can handle tasks that your machine shop is not setup to handle. However, some shops choose to go with overseas operations, and this is not always a good choice. In fact, it’s best to outsource your work to an American company and here are some good reasons why.


In some countries, contract manufacturing companies don’t have the same quality standards as the United States. This can cause serious problems if you need precision machining services. You can count on local shops to have the right quality measures in place, and the best ones follow standards like ISO 9000.


When you outsource your work to a local shop, you can call them and talk about your needs. If problems arise, you should have no trouble letting them know what’s wrong and how to correct it. However, when you deal with businesses overseas, there is usually a language barrier. This barrier can make even the simplest of communications difficult. Many things get lost in translation.

Turnaround Time

Suppose you sent an order to another shop and you need it as soon as possible. If the shop is in your same state or country, it will get your order promptly. However, there can be issues with overseas shipping, and this can delay your turnaround time. If customers get their orders late, it can cause serious problems.


When you do business with contract manufacturing companies overseas, you take work away from people in your home town or state. This can create several problems with the local and national economy. Everyone in the US benefits when you keep your business in this country.

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