Contemporary Trends in Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City

A home’s kitchen used to be nothing more than space where meals were prepared, and dishes were washed, but today’s kitchens play a vastly different role. Kitchens tend to be the focal points of modern homes, where everyone gathers together at the start of the day and guests are entertained before dinner at night. These changing social dynamics have had a dramatic impact on how homeowners think about Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City in recent years, so read on to find out about a few of the recent design trends that reflect them.

Streamlined Designs

Although plenty of homeowners do still embrace farmhouse and mid-century modern styles, more of them than ever are beginning to adopt more streamlined designs featuring open spaces and elegant simplicity. For example, many homeowners are choosing to remove their upper cabinets in favor of installing extra overhead lighting and being able to use counter spaces more efficiently. Others are installing industrial-style stainless steel sinks and fixtures to give their kitchens a clean, contemporary feel.

Efficient Cabinets

In addition to removing those difficult to reach overhead cabinets, many homeowners are also rethinking the rest of their storage space. This may involve installing drawer dividers for silverware, pull-outs for spices, roll-out trays to accommodate larger pots and pans, and trash bin cabinets. Many homeowners are also installing deep drawers to store their small appliances so that they can have them on-hand without having them cluttering up their counters.

Multi-Purpose Islands

Kitchen islands have become focal points of these rooms in recent years. Today’s islands tend to be larger to serve multiple uses, and to make a visually appealing design statement. They often incorporate storage solutions, under-counter appliances such as ovens and dishwashers, or even sinks in addition to bar seating and counter space.

Plenty of Lighting

Today’s kitchens tend to feature light tones and plenty of open space, so it should come as no surprise that they also tend to utilize plenty of carefully-chosen lighting fixtures. Before even undertaking the task of Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City, homeowners may want to consider developing a color palette or a theme so that they can install lighting in the right areas of the room. Check out what’s available by visiting Kitchens and Baths by Briggs online today for some inspiration.

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