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When you’re in over your head in debt, you start looking for a way out. The endless phone calls, the letters that never stop coming and the overall feeling of shame and embarrassment because you can’t pay your bills gets to be too much. You need to do something about it, and bankruptcy may just be the way out of it all. However, bankruptcy is not simple by any means; get help from a lawyer before you do anything. The Law Offices of Sarah Newell & Todd Allison can help you understand the consequences of filing for bankruptcy and how it can be beneficial.

Bankruptcy addresses the issue of collections almost immediately. There is what is known as the automatic stay, otherwise known as a temporary injunction. It becomes valid the moment your petition is filed with the court, and can be used to stop creditors in their tracks. In fact, if a creditor insists on contacting you after being notified of the stay, it is a violation and they can be taken to court. You can get more information about how the stay works from The Law Offices of Sarah Newell & Todd Allison.

In order to be able to reach the point of filing the petition, you have to do a lot of work. Bankruptcy attorneys Wichita can help you get it done, and done correctly so that the petition is accepted without problems. One of the things you are required to do is to take a financial counseling course before filing in order to have a certificate to submit with the petition. You also have to stop paying your creditors before the bankruptcy is filed as well. The Law Offices of Sarah Newell & Todd Allison can help you with preparing for what is to come.

You are going to need to exercise patience when you file for bankruptcy. It can be an excruciating process at times, but if you let yourself be guided by The Law Offices of Sarah Newell & Todd Allison, you will get through it intact. Once it is completed, you can move on with your life, rebuild your credit and never have to think about your old debt ever again.

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