Contact A Professional Tree Cutting Service In Marietta GA

Everyone loves looking at large beautiful trees lining streets or shading home lots and landscapes. But, trees need maintenance to stay healthy and live longer. Trees can be damaged by weather, flooding, insects, and other events. Trees that hang over the neighbor’s yard can cause damage and hard feelings. Homeowners with large trees must make sure they are trimmed and maintained for health and safety. In the fall, there can be lots of leaves to rake up and get rid of. Storms and wind can cause branches to fall or whole trees to be destroyed.

Tree Care

Not only large trees, but all trees, need to be trimmed as needed at the correct time of year. This is called pruning, and an expert must do it correctly, so the trees are not damaged. Fallen trees create a large mess that must be cleaned up and hauled away. Trees that die must be removed for safety. Insect infestations must be dealt with so the tree will not die. Once a tree is down and hauled away, the tree stump must be removed by grinding or other means. All of these tasks can be handled by a tree cutting service in Marietta GA such as TreeJob.

A tree service can also plant replacement trees for a homeowner. The homeowner can contact a tree service to trim damaged branches and clean up the mess after a bad storm. Tree services can also be hired to rake up the leaves that fall every autumn. For a nominal charge, an expert from the tree service can come once a year or as needed to examine trees for damage and insects. Trees can be sprayed for insect prevention.

Removing Trees

If trees are located in inconvenient spots or hanging over the neighbor’s property, the tree service can remove or trim back the trees and haul away the debris. Though it may be tempting to trim a tree or even cut it down oneself, this is not a good idea. Large trees can be very dangerous for an amateur to cut down. They can fall on buildings, cars, or even injure the person cutting them down. This is a job for a tree cutting service in Marietta GA.