Contact A Product Liability Lawyer In Pittsburgh, PA For Legal Advice

Faulty products cause serious damage and injuries to people every day. The manufacturing of many products is performed with poor quality standards in place. Although an item is manufactured properly, the company might do not supply a safety notice about a dangerous situation. When an individual is injured by a faulty product, they should contact a product liability lawyer in Pittsburgh PA as soon as possible.

A victim can sue a manufacturer, seller, or distributor under strict liability rules for personal injuries. If the product reached the ultimate consumer in the same condition it was sold to a seller, the seller can be held liable for the injuries the individual received. In Pennsylvania, a product liability case can be filed under a breach of warranty, strict liability, and negligence. Understanding the terms and the law requires the experience of a product liability lawyer.


Negligent suits require an individual to prove the defendant owed the victim a duty and breached that duty. The breach of duty must cause the plaintiff’s injuries, and the victim must suffer actual damage.

The law in Pennsylvania was changed in 2014 and generally requires the experience of a product liability lawyer in Pittsburgh PA to win a case. With the new law and companies fighting victims of defective products, these cases can be very convoluted and difficult to win without careful investigation.


When a person is hurt because of a defective product, they could receive compensation for their medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of wages, and much more. If a victim passes away because of the injuries they received, family members can file a claim on behalf of their loved one. Depending on the circumstances, the money could be given directly to the family or be disbursed by the estate.

Recovering damages after being injured by a product requires the skill, knowledge, and experience of a personal injury lawyer. This type of attorney will visit a victim at their home or the hospital if the victim cannot travel to the attorney’s office. The lawyer will fight aggressively for a fair settlement for the victim. Learn more about your case by speaking with a personal injury lawyer today.

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