Contact a Lawyer in Manhattan, KS Before You Decide on Divorce

Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage and it can be difficult for all parties involved, especially the children. Before a person decides they are going to divorce their spouse, it is wise for them to seek help from a lawyer in Manhattan, KS. Meeting with a lawyer will help a person to understand their rights and what they can expect from the process of pursuing their divorce.

Why Meet with a Lawyer?

Many people make the mistake of announcing their divorce and leaving their marital home before they ever seek legal advice from a lawyer in Manhattan, KS. Because there can be impacts of taking these measures, it is imperative a person first seeks help from the lawyer so they can gain the advice they need to make sound decisions.

Meeting with a lawyer also helps a person to understand their rights and the divorce laws in their state. Knowing this information is crucial because it will aid a person in pursuing their divorce while working to protect their rights in the process.

Meeting with a lawyer will help a person to reduce the negative impact their divorce will have on their life. The lawyer will guide their client in each decision that must be made, to help them go through the right steps to make sure their marriage is ended legally.

Divorce Laws in Kansas

Having an understanding of the divorce laws is essential for filing for divorce. In the state of Kansas, those filing for divorce must be legal residents of the state and have been living these for at least sixty days.

The petition for divorce must first be filed and then the paperwork must be served on the other party in the marriage. The other party is given a specific time period to respond or file a counterclaim.

In the state of Kansas, there is a sixty-day waiting period before the divorce can be finalized. This waiting period begins on the day the divorce petition is filed. The only way this waiting period can be lifted is if the judge deems the situation an emergency one.

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