Consulting with a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Agent in Monroe County, MI

Businesses that use vehicles for sales personnel, maintenance services or deliveries will often need specialized vehicle insurance. That’s why many businesses choose to consult with a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Agent in Monroe County MI when they are purchasing company vehicles. The important thing to remember is that individual automotive insurance, while similar in some respects to commercial vehicle insurance, is not going to adequately cover a business if the insurance policy needs to be activated after an accident.

The thing to remember about private insurance as opposed to commercial vehicle insurance is that, when it comes to covering the actual vehicle, the coverage is relatively the same. The same sorts of minimum requirements delineated by the state of Michigan for a private vehicle are relatively the same for a commercial vehicle with the exception of large trucks. However, where the main difference resides is liability issues and the contents of the vehicle itself.

Unfortunately, when a business vehicle gets into an accident, the business may have a proverbial target on their back. Many individuals that have been injured because of an accident where the driver of the business vehicle was negligent can often go after the business in hopes of a large settlement. In these situations, liability insurance coverage may have to be a bit higher.

It’s also important to consider the contents of the commercial vehicle. For a sales manager driving around in a company car, this type of coverage isn’t going to be significantly higher than private insurance. However, for delivery vehicles that are carrying items or maintenance trucks that have a large amount of equipment, such as tools and other accessories, these vehicles may need a higher level of coverage for the vehicle contents.

In any situation, if you’re considering a business vehicle, whether it’s to drive around town and take care of business related errands or it’s delivery or maintenance truck, you should speak with a Commercial Vehicle Agent in Monroe County MI. These agents can help you understand the landscape of commercial vehicle insurance better and help you purchase a policy that gives your business and its vehicles the coverage they need. To learn more about this type of coverage, you may want to Visit Insurance Center Of Monroe to get more details.