Consulting A Criminal Lawyer In Hartford After You Are Arrested

A Criminal Lawyer in Hartford offers insight through difficult circumstances. When you are accused of a crime, you need an attorney who can present you with a strong criminal defense in a diligent attempt to prevent a conviction. Your attorney will devise strategies to prove your innocence and fight for your freedom. These strategies present you with solid evidence that establishes reasonable doubt which could assist you in avoiding the penalties of the crime for which you are accused.

Consulting a Criminal Attorney

The case presented by the prosecution can either contain concrete or circumstantial evidence. Even with circumstantial evidence this can warrant your arrest. However, in cases where the evidence is circumstantial a criminal defense attorney has a more effective chance of proving innocence. When this is the case, your criminal defense attorney can gather evidence that discredits the prosecution’s case and prevents a conviction.

For instance, if you have evidence that proves you were in another location when the crime took place, your attorney can present reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. However, this evidence should present more than one individual’s testimony over the prosecution. Photographs of you that are time and date stamped on the night when this crime was committed could be used to present reasonable doubt.

Local Criminal Attorney

The Law Office of Michael Chambers Jr. assist you in criminal proceedings by reviewing the circumstances of your case and establishing which strategies will effectively prevent a conviction. This attorney will examine the evidence presented by the prosecution to determine admissibility and whether it is circumstantial. He will investigate the circumstances of the crime to gather evidence to prove your innocence. To hire Michael Chambers, Jr. as your criminal defense attorney contact his law office locally or visit us website.


Your Criminal Lawyer in Hartford offers you clarity within difficult circumstances. He or she will explain your rights and laws that apply to this case. Your attorney will also explain the probable sentence you will receive if convicted. These penalties may present higher punishments if you have an existing criminal record that contains similar criminal convictions. Your attorney will discuss these probabilities with you during your initial consultation.

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