Consult a Child Custody Lawyer in Dundalk, MD Regarding Custody or Parenting Time Issues

Couples with young children face unique circumstances when they get divorced. Parents who once spent every day with their kids, waking them up in the morning and putting them to bed at night, might only be able to see them a couple of days a week. This could be stressful for the children as well as both parents. The parent in the home where the children live may face more pressure because they have to take on the role of their former spouse in the household. The parent who doesn’t have custody may struggle to find time to take care of their daily tasks and make extra time for their children.

Often, both parents want the children to live with them after the divorce. Fathers today are commonly very involved with their children’s day-to-day lives and more likely to seek custody of them. A joint custody arrangement may work well for a family with young children and two parents who are able to get along with each other. Older children and teenagers tend to have a harder time spending half of their time in one home and the other half with their other parent, so a flexible parenting time agreement might be better for older kids. A Child Custody Lawyer in Dundalk MD may be able to help a client assess their situation and do what is best for their kids.

The standard parenting time agreement doesn’t offer much time for the noncustodial parent. However, this might be the default judgment for parents who are not able to agree on a schedule that works for their family. Ideally, a couple with young children will be able to come together with the help of their Child Custody Lawyer in Dundalk MD and a mediator. A mediator may be able to help a couple understand the issues at play as well as the options available to them. Courts tend to be very flexible when it comes to parenting time agreements, so parents are generally able to set up a schedule that works for them.

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