Construction Accidents Managed By A Personal Injury Lawyer In Beaver Dam, WI

In Wisconsin, construction companies must follow federal safety regulations. The safety regulations mitigate common risks that lead to accidents and serious injuries. If they aren’t followed, the construction company could face a liability claim. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI starts an injury claim for victims of construction accidents.

Reviewing Safety Regulations

Safety regulations must be followed thoroughly. The construction company must set up signs around the construction zone. This includes areas that could involve local traffic. The lettering on the signs must measure at least ten inches. Additionally, the company must set up a barrier around the construction zone. The barrier must stop any unauthorized individuals from entering the work space.

How Did the Victim Sustain Injuries?

The manner in which the victim sustained their injuries identified specific circumstances of an accident case. For example, if the victim was a worker, worker’s compensation laws apply and OSHA regulations are reviewed. If the victim wasn’t a worker, the company must assess why and how the individual was within the work space. If the victim was trespassing, they won’t receive any damages since they broke the law.

Who is Directly Responsible for the Accident?

Initially, the foreman is directly responsible for the accident. However, a worker-related injury could implicate the company. Circumstances that identify the construction company as the defendant could relate to a failure to provide safety gear for workers. The construction company could be deemed liable if they failed to follow federal safety regulations.

What Damages are Possible?

The damages are defined by the identity of the victim. A worker who was injured can acquire worker’s compensation benefits. If they are denied benefits, they can file a legal claim to acquire the benefits. A visitor could receive an award based on their losses.

In Wisconsin, construction companies face liabilities if an accident happens during their projects. These liabilities exist if a visitor or worker is injured due to a failure. The construction company must follow federal safety regulations to mitigate risks. Victims of a construction accident contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI through QBS Law S.C. today. You can also visit them on Google+.