Considering Smile Makeovers In Camas, WA?

A smile is thought to be a window to the soul. It’s one of the first things people notice when meeting for the first time and it’s something that old friends and acquaintances use to judge a friend’s mood and emotion when gathering together. If someone is embarrassed of their teeth and smile, it usually shows. Uneven, misaligned or crooked teeth make others want to hide behind a book instead of greeting the world head on. Fortunately there is usually something that can be done about it. Likewise, if stained or discolored teeth cause a grimace instead of smile, visit Lewis Family Dentistry to learn more about the Smile Makeovers in Camas WA they offer. They can truly turn an unhappy frown into a beautiful and self assured smile in only a few short visits.

No one should have to hide behind yellowed, stained or dingy teeth. Teeth bleaching can give the patient a whole new look, taking years off their appearance and brightening their smile for everyone to see. The process is simple. The dentist places a gel like substance on the teeth. Usually a special light is then applied to the teeth, to enhance the lightening effect of the gel. When the teeth have lightened to the proper predetermined shade, usually six to ten shades lighter than they were, the gel is removed and the process is complete. Avoiding large amounts of coffee, tea, dark wines and cola drinks is recommended to avoid discoloring the teeth prematurely. The procedure is usually repeated in four to six months to keep the teeth bright, white and looking their best.

If uneven teeth keep the smile away, porcelain veneers can bring it out. This two appointment process can make a smile picture perfect. The first appointment consists of making an impression of the mouth, to ensure a natural look and proper fit of the veneers. On the return visit, paper thin, yet very durable, veneers are attached over the existing teeth with a bonding agent, ensuring a comfortable yet natural looking smile. These veneers usually last over 10 years with proper care, making them a semi permanent smile solution.

For those not born with perfect teeth, don’t waste time worrying about it; instead visit Smile Makeovers in Camas WA, where they can create a perfect smile. Don’t wait. Visit the dentist and make the dream a reality. You can also visit their Twitter page for more information.