Considering Land Survey Software

Within the industry of land surveying equipment, there is a lot of emphasis on hardware. However, software is equally important because the hardware cannot function without proper programming. Land survey software should have features which make a surveying job easier. When evaluating software for land surveying, try to find an operating system that is user-friendly, fast and reliable.

User Friendly

High quality software should be intuitive. If a company buys a new total station with a software that is confusing, staff may take longer to learn how to use the new device. Specifically, robotic total stations should have software with a lot of options, but the software shouldn’t be so complicated that entering information into the program takes longer than the actual measurements. The software will affect every part of a project, and a simplified user interface is the best option. The simplified software will also make maintenance easier for equipment operators, and making changes to the software won’t delay any parts of a project.

Fast and Reliable

The software that is used in most land surveying equipment is simplified, but it should also process quickly and reliably. Survey controllers should make a surveying job much easier, but the job could be delayed if the software in the controller does not maintain a strong connection to the total station or GNSS system. An unreliable software can be one of the most frustrating experiences during a survey job. The land survey software should also process data and information quickly. Waiting for software to transfer files or data can hinder the surveying process. Expensive and efficient hardware won’t reduce any company costs if the software is not time efficient or consistently reliable.

The Best Option

Choosing the correct hardware for surveying can be overwhelming. Most companies evaluate surveying equipment based on budget constraints, portability, and accuracy. However, evaluating the software that is installed into a piece of equipment is of equal importance. Most survey equipment manufacturers and dealers will include some information about the software in a product’s general description, and there are also videos online which will give directions about configuring or using software for equipment. Visit  for more information.