Considering Different Features with Remote Garage Door Openers in Tinley Park

There is no doubt that the right Garage Door Openers in Tinley Park can make life a lot easier. By using a remote setting, it is possible to open the garage door without having to get out of the vehicle. That can come in very handy when the weather is bad or the homeowner is returning late at night. Along with the basic functions, it also pays to invest in an opener that includes a few other features.

Courtesy Lights – Many types of Garage Door Openers in Tinley Park include a feature known as courtesy lights. This particular feature helps to illuminate the garage as the door opens. This is a great feature, since it allows the driver to easily move into the garage and also make sure that everything is in order before lowering the door and getting out of the car. With this type of feature, the lights will automatically turn off within a set amount of time after the door is closed.

Vacation Locks – Another important feature is known as a vacation lock.This is simply a setting that deactivates the ability to open and close the door when the owner plans on being away for an extended period of time. By shutting down access to the opener, it is easier to discourage burglars from trying to enter the home by means of breaking in through the garage door.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors – A great safety feature to include with the garage door opener is a sensor that can detect higher levels of carbon monoxide in the garage.
In the event that the level of emissions reach a certain level, the door will automatically open slightly, making it possible for the carbon monoxide to flow out of the enclosed space. This type of feature can go a long way in preventing anyone in the garage from being overcome by fumes. The experts at AR-BE Garage Doors Inc can help homeowners learn more about the different features offered with the latest generation of garage door openers. By matching the needs of the customer with the features on the market today, the chances of ending up with the right type of opener are very good.

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