Considering Aspects of Materials Before Deciding on a Wood Pallet in Austin

A pallet in Austin is part of the materials handling, transport, and storage process. Products shipped on pallets are commonly stored in warehouses, although they also can be unloaded immediately upon arrival. The invention of this seemingly simple device made shipment and storage significantly more efficient since a large number of small items can be loaded onto one pallet and shrink-wrapped for stability.

The Most Common Type

A wood Pallet in Austin is the most common type, although plastic ones are available too. Manufacturers still produce more wood ones due to greater customer demand. Plastic ones may last longer, but wood ones are significantly more affordable and still provide plenty of durability and strength. Wood pallets with a small amount of damage, which usually is caused by forklifts, typically can be repaired or even used as is without any safety or stability issues.

One-Way and Loop Trips

Some pallets mostly take one-way trips while others are sent back in forth in a loop. A business that supplies products on pallets might provide an incentive for their regular buyers to return the pallets so these devices can be used over and over again. The business won’t be forced to keep purchasing new ones. When they send pallets out into a one-way destination to the occasional or one-time buyer, wood is the best choice because it’s so economical.

Pallet Exchanges

There also are independent pallet exchanges that act as a go-between for suppliers who need more of these devices and purchasers of goods that wind up with piles of pallets in the back of the facility. It’s best not to store these stacks of wood outside, as they can attract bugs and rodents, and they also may deteriorate in the weather elements.


Wood pallets from a manufacturer such as Crate Master are heavier than plastic models, which is an aspect the user must consider. Most weigh between 30 and 70 lbs. The largest, heaviest models are especially suitable for the transport of heavy-duty goods as they can safely hold items weighing up to 3,000 lbs. Manufacturers list the load capacity of their various models.

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