Considerations when choosing a fire sprinkler system

Without a doubt a fire sprinkler system is the best protection against any home fires. A fire system installation company in NJ is expert at selecting the system components and installing them in the house. The system is basically a set of water pipes which are installed overhead, sprinkler heads are attached to the pipe in strategic locations in the room. The entire network can be connected directly to the main water supply to the house or it can be connected to a stand-alone supply tank.

The sprinkler heads contain a heat sensitive device that melts when the room temperature reaches a certain temperature, an alternative design makes use of a small glass bulb that bursts from the pressure generated by intense heat. In either case, when the fire is first detected the system attempts to quench the fire while at the same time sending an alarm out to the fire department. Many home sprinkler systems also include an audible alarm within the home which alerts the occupants, giving them ample time to evacuate the house. Available statistics show that when a house is fitted with a fire sprinkler system that a full 99 percent of fires are brought under control.

The system design and the function of the sprinkler head is such that only the sprinkler over the actual fire are activated, this effectively controls the fire but at the same time prevents excessive water damage to the home.

A fire system installation company in NJ has several types of sprinklers that they can employ. The basic sprinkler covers a controlled pattern at an approximate rate of water discharge of 20 GPM, gallons per minute. This sprinkler can deal with a residential fire in five minutes or less. There is a somewhat similar sprinkler but it is designed for rapid response, as it is activated at a lower temperature it can not only suppress the flames, it can help in the control of smoke as well as carbon monoxide. Rapid response sprinkler heads are used frequently in public spaces such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc but they are also effective for large spaces in a home such as the basement.

Only a certified fire system installation company in NJ can install this type of fire sprinkler system in a residence as the components and the installation must comply with very strict standards which are laid down by the NFPA, National Fire Protection Agency.

If you are considering a fire suppression system for your home it must be installed by a certified fire system installation company in NJ. You are invited to contact Newark Professional Fire Protection, Corp.

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