Considerations Involving Tree Trimming in Bronx NY Near Power Lines

Near utility power lines, tree trimming in Bronx NY area normally is done by the utility company to prevent hazardous situations. Professional arborists generally will not do this type of work because of the danger of working near high voltage and because the utility companies do not want them near those lines. The electrical grid system also includes low-voltage service wires running from the utility lines to buildings. Property owners are expected to keep those wires clear of tree growth. Otherwise, a tree branch that comes down in a storm could break the wire.

Homeowners can hire professional tree service technicians to trim branch growth that is becoming too close to the service wire. The property owner needs to call the electric company and have the power temporarily disconnected while the work is being done. That involves an actual manual disconnection of the line, so it’s important to plan for the power outage. The utility company cannot simply flip a switch at the office to reconnect the power when the customer calls; they need to send a crew.

Some homeowners are unhappy with the pruning job that utility company tree service technicians do. The only effective solution is to avoid planting trees that will eventually grow to be within 10 ft. of high-voltage lines. If any trees are already in these locations, homeowners might consider having them removed and replace them with shrubbery or other plants.

Technicians who do professional tree trimming in Bronx NY can consult with landowners about solutions for problem areas. An organization like Arnoldo’s Tree Service can help with landscaping design and can remove problem trees as long as they are not too close to the high-voltage power lines. They also will plant new trees, bushes, and shrubs as requested.

If a tree will likely become a problem with the service wire and the homeowner loves this tree, it might be possible to have the utility company move the wire. Often, this requires burying it instead of having it overhead. The customer is responsible for any costs of moving the wire. Otherwise, occasional Tree Trimming to keep it from growing too close to this service line is essential.

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