Considerations for your Letterhead Quantities

If you are getting ready to order some letterhead for your business, don’t forget about all of the ways you might use it. Here are some of the common uses for letterhead to help you get a better handle on the quantities you will need:

  • Client Meetings and Presentations: Many businesses do presentations and forget to factor in the letterhead they will need for their presentation folders. Consider the count of pages you need for your presentation takeaways and ensure you include these quantities in your count. You don’t want to have a big client presentation coming up and then have to print on plain paper because you have run out of letterhead.

  • Formal Communication: You might figure you will only be communicating with your clients via email. However many businesses require communication via mail from letters to thank potential clients for their time to day to day communications. Letterhead gives your business a more professional image and you will be able to use it whenever you need to send something more formal then an email. It is especially important for any legal issues you might have as well as for dealing with other professionals in your industry.

  • Personnel: If you have a team there may be need for formal warning letters, congratulatory letters and offer letters. This is something that is done on a hard copy and your letterhead will be required to take care of your personnel correspondence needs.

  • Direct Marketing: Many companies are discovering that direct marketing still works. With letterhead you will have the perfect medium for your covering letters in direct marketing packages.

  • Invoicing: Do not let your invoices get lost amongst the mail. By sending your invoices out on letterhead you will be more likely to get paid on time. You will have a good handle on the amount of invoicing you do each month for the right numbers.

  • Quotes: It is in your best interests as well as the interest of your customers to use letterhead for your quotes. You want to a) standout from your competitors b) look professional and c) make sure they know your quote was the one that came in with the best value. Letterhead shows you are a stable company they can trust. Factor in how many quotes you do per month and be certain you add this number to your final quantity.

Factoring in all of these requirements will ensure you have the right amount of letterhead and you will also get some quantity breaks by adding the all at once.

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