Consider the Help of an Assault Defense Lawyer

No matter the circumstances surrounding the charge of assault, you cannot afford a single moment spent in court without a professional assault defense lawyer on your side of the proceedings. It is imperative that you understand that you will never do yourself any favors by taking on such a case on your own, especially when you consider that the prosecutor is a trained professional with deep knowledge of the law and how to turn anything against you. This is why you need another equally powerful lawyer on your side to tell the court your side of the story and to make it clear that you are innocent of your alleged crimes.


In every case involving an assault charge, certain evidence must be brought forward to prove whether or not you are guilty of the crime of which you are accused. An assault defense lawyer will work around the clock to discredit all evidence against you and to find every single piece of evidence proving your innocence so that it may be brought before the court. After all, you deserve to have your side of the story heard by those who would say that you have done wrong and your lawyer’s work during this portion of the trial may result in an acquittal.


If circumstances make it difficult or even impossible for you to completely stop some type of charge being given, an assault defense lawyer will continue to fight so that your charges may be reduced and your sentence made lighter. For example, what at first may result in jail time may become little more than a year or less of probation, which is dramatically better than spending even a day in jail. No matter the circumstances of your unique case, you will receive unbiased and full support from Michael D. Shook, Attorney at Law and may contact him by dialing (123) 328-6650 or visiting  at your earliest convenience. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information!