Condo Rentals Maui: Questions You Need to Ask About Your Rental

Condo rentals Maui offer you various advantages including a kitchen, more privacy and more space. However, as you consider a condo rental, it is crucial that you carry out due diligence by getting in touch with the property management and finding out what exactly is included in the price. For first-time vacation condo renters, here is a list of questions you should ask management companies before you send a deposit and pick up your keys.


Get as many details about the location as possible. Some of the details you need might not be available on the map. Some of the questions you need to ask include whether there is a sea view and what is between the condo and the sea. Find out if there are paths or roads that lead to the beach, whether they are noisy and busy. Find out the distance of the main local attractions from your condo.

Child Friendly

When a property is described as pet or kid-friendly, find out the meaning of that term from the property management company. Some definitions of such terms in a few properties may not be what you would expect from a child-friendly environment.

Property Configuration

Ask the rental company to provide you with specific details on the number of people that can sleep in a condo as well as the size of the bathrooms and bedrooms. Asking these questions will help you identify whether the property has certain configurations in the bathrooms and bedrooms like en-suite baths, small rooms or pull-out couches, which could make your stay suitable or not for the group you are travelling with.

The Cleaning Fees

Experts recommend that you find out as much as possible about surcharges and cleaning fees. This is especially crucial when you are likely to be charged extra for cleaning. Some property managers are likely to charge extra if the condo is particularly dirty requiring more time to get it clean. Visit website for the best condo rentals in Maui.


Ask for details like the pool water temperatures, cable channels available and whether you can get online. Furthermore, find out about household amenities provided so you can find out what you should bring along with you for your stay.

To make your condo rentals Maui stay comfortable, Harris Hawaii Realty Group endeavors to provide you with all the information important to you.

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