Conditions Commonly Treated by Otolaryngologists in Bethlehem, PA

Otolaryngologists in Bethlehem PA are medical doctors specializing in the treatment of ear, nose, and throat conditions. While there are many reasons a patient would require the help of this type of specialist, a few conditions are more common than others. These common ear, nose, and throat conditions are discussed below.

Chronic or Recurring Sinus Infections

Patients often find that their sinus infections, characterized by pain in the face, ear, and upper teeth, are accompanied by other nasal symptoms. These can include obstructed drainage and abnormal congestion. While these symptoms are most commonly caused by simple allergies, it’s important to note there are also more serious conditions that can be to blame, so don’t put off a visit to a specialist.

Sore Throats

While sore throats that last only a few days are most commonly caused by simple colds. Persistent sore throats accompanied by difficulty swallowing and loss of voice should be evaluated by a specialist, especially if the condition is not alleviated by the use of antibiotics. These symptoms usually indicate there is something wrong with the patient’s throat, sinuses, or upper digestive tract.

Ongoing Congestion

While temporary nasal congestion can be the unpleasant result of seasonal allergies, viral infections, or bacterial infections, ongoing congestion may indicate a more serious and permanent condition such as a deviated septum. If patients are experiencing pain, discomfort, and feelings of pressure in their heads that are ongoing or recurring, they should schedule appointments with their Otolaryngologists in Bethlehem PA to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Airway Blockages

Difficulty breathing can be caused by a wide variety of conditions. The conditions treated by ear, nose, and throat doctors include deviated septums, viral infections, and nasal polyps. However, making an appointment with an otolaryngologist can help to pinpoint the underlying problem by ruling out potential causes even if it is not caused by nasal blockages.

Persistent Headaches

There are a variety of reasons patients might suffer from persistent headaches. These include chronic sinus problems, acute upper respiratory infections, and anatomical abnormalities. Visit website to learn more about how these symptoms and others can be interpreted to ensure an accurate diagnosis.