Concepts Managed By A Veterans Affairs Attorney In Vero Beach, FL

In Florida, military personnel is entitled to certain benefits following their service. These benefits are available according to specific eligibility requirements. These eligibility guidelines relate to the individual’s service record and circumstances that developed during this time. The following is information about benefits cases managed by a Veterans Affairs Attorney in Vero Beach FL.

Disability Compensation Benefits

At any time that the service member sustains an injury during active-duty, they are entitled to certain benefits. If these injuries produce a permanent injury, the service member receives disability benefits based on the disability percentage assigned by the armed forces. These monetary benefits are provided each month according to the schedule designated by veteran’s affairs. If they are designated 100% disabled, they cannot work in any industry.

Acquiring Military-Based Pension Payments

The military members accumulate a pension plan based on how long they are in the military. The plan is available when they reach the age of retirement. However, in some cases, the service members may not acquire access to under some circumstances. An attorney can help these service members acquire these benefits. Click here to get more details.

Death Benefits for Survivors

Surviving spouses and children are entitled to death benefits after they lose their service member. These benefits are available to cover expenses for the funeral and to provide financial support. These benefits may also be paid out on a monthly basis according to the eligibility requirements for military-based programs.

Seeking Assistance with Life Insurance Issues

Life insurance policies are available to the beneficiary designated by the service member. If this beneficiary dies, the service member must choose another beneficiary. If this isn’t possible, an attorney can assist the family in ensuring that the soldier’s family or dependents receive these funds instead. This includes entitlements for former spouses.

In Florida, military personnel has the right to expect the benefits presented through their military career. These benefits include retirement options as well as disability benefits. If for any reason, they cannot access these benefits, they may need an attorney to help them. Soldiers who need to file a legal claim contact a Veterans Affairs Attorney in Vero Beach FL through Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille today.

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