Compression Bras for Lymphedema – Factors to Consider

Women who have undergone breast cancer surgery or treatment, including procedures such as a mastectomy or lumpectomy can certainly experience a change in their physical appearance. In the aftermath of this, it can be challenging for a woman to find the type of bra that gives her the comfort and support she requires. One answer to this dilemma is for a woman to wear compression bras for lymphedema. These bras are ideal for wearing post-surgery. They can give you the comfort you need while providing compression around your torso, helping you to recover from your procedure.

Breast Forms
Along with compression bras, you can also take advantage of breast forms which are simply an artificial breast placed inside a compression bra. These products can be partial or full forms and are usually made of silicone or another type of material.

Breast forms can help you achieve a more symmetrical shape and look. In addition they can also enhance balance and posture and help prevent the bra from moving up and irritating scars from the surgery.

Mastectomy Bra Options
Compression bras for lymphedema often have built-in pockets that are designed to hold the breast form or padding material. You can find these bras in various colors, shapes and sizes from a reliable provider of mastectomy bras.

The Proper Fit
In order to achieve the right fit, mastectomy bras should retain a full cup. If this is the case, the breast form is more likely to stay in the right position. It’s important to purchase a bra that does not fit so tightly under the natural line of the breast that it provides undue discomfort to the area which has recently undergone surgery.

Buying Mastectomy Bras
After you have purchased a mastectomy bra, it is advisable to wait a few weeks after your procedure in order to allow the swelling and sensitivity in the surrounding region to diminish. If you wear your bra too soon after your surgery, you may run the risk of irritating the area and delaying your goal of wearing a comfortably fitting bra after your surgery.

If you have recently undergone breast cancer removal surgery, consider the benefits that compression bras for lymphedema can provide you in terms of comfort, support, and style.