Comparing Beverage Carbonation Systems

by | Jun 10, 2016 | beverages

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Carbonated beverages are some of the most popular beverages on the market today. Carbonation systems are used in the production of everything from carbonated water through to beer and even some types of wines and ciders.

Choosing from the various beverage carbonation systems starts with understanding the specific need for the production as well as the features or components of the system that will work with your existing production line. In-line carbonation is often used when very precise control over gas levels is required, most often in the production of beer.

The Low Pressure Option

There are two basic options in beverage carbonation systems when it comes to the ability to select the pressure and the amount of control over the process with the least amount of equipment.

Low pressure systems are the most space saving options as they do not require high-pressure supplies or additional pumps and boosters to ensure the pressure is maintained at high levels. With low pressure systems, carbonation is still very precise, but there is less risk of foaming becoming a problem during carbonation.

The low pressure systems should provide automatic control over the carbonation levels as well as the gas saturation levels and processes. The instrumentation on these systems should be easy to read and should be capable of integrating with your current computerized system.

The In-Line Option

The second option is an in-line carbonator. These beverage carbonation systems provide exceptional control over the gas saturation and carbonization and are fully automatically controlled.

For beer, cider and wine production, the use of in-line carbonation systems reduces the need for a brite tank, saving space while also decreasing the time required for carbonation with greater consistency.

These systems can work with both CO2 as well as N2, adding to the versatility of the equipment. This offers a controlled gas injection technology that also mixes, ensuring the saturation is accurate and the end product is consistent with every batch.

With the in-line carbonation system design, the system can actually be mobile. This can allow a smaller brewery or winery to utilize the system on several production lines, helping to reduce costs while using the existing equipment more effectively and efficiently.

Before purchasing a carbonation system, it is worth the time to review different companies and options online. Look carefully at the basics of the system as well as the features offered and you will find a system that will fit your needs today and continue to offer you the production needed in the future.