Commonly Asked Questions About Using A Portable Storage Container

In New York, consumers need large containers to help them reduce the requirements for their next move. These options are more convenient for consumers than standard transport options. The following are commonly asked questions about using a Portable Storage for these purposes.

What is the Minimum Space Requirement for the Units?

The minimum space requirements for these units begins at twenty feet. The property must provide roughly fifty feet of clearance for the delivery trucks. These measurements eliminate common issues that lead to accidents and property damage. The size of the unit acquired may increase these minimum requirements.

What is the Expected Time of Delivery After Placing the Order?

Generally, the delivery is scheduled for the twenty-four period following the order. This duration allows the provider to identify a more beneficial route for delivery. It also ensures that the delivery isn’t rushed and avoidable circumstances do not emerge. The property owner must be present when the delivery occurs.

Are Modifications for the Units Available?

Yes, the service provider can modify any storage containers selected. This includes adding on doors or windows for heightened convenience. The containers are easy to change and meet the consumer’s requirements every time.

What is a Tamper-Free Locking Mechanism?

A tamper-free locking mechanism consists of a steel bar that is present around each window and door. The service provider installs a lock box onto the container. The lock box is hidden behind the steel bar to limit visibility. The mechanism makes it more difficult for would-be intruders to access the interior of the container. It provides a safer unit for the consumer.

Are These Products Waterproof?

Yes, the construction of the container is designed to be waterproof. There aren’t any cracks along the edges that allow rainwater to enter the container. They are sealed tightly to prevent the elements from damaging any item stored inside them.

In New York, consumers rent storage containers as an alternative to storage units. They provide on-site storage while the consumer prepares to relocate. They are sealed to prevent damage, and they offer more secure locking mechanisms. Consumers who wish to use a Portable Storage visit today.

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