Commonly Asked Questions About Getting Cash For Gold In Downers Grove

It’s easy to make money in a hurry when you have gold to sell. By taking advantage of this simple process, you can take your gold to a reputable business and get Cash for gold in Downers Grove. Read the commonly asked questions below to learn more about making fast cash with your gold jewelry and other items.

Q.) How does cash for gold loan work?

A.) Customers who need cash in a hurry for an unexpected bill or any other reason will bring their gold items into the shop. The shop owner evaluates the items and offers a fair price for them. The customer can choose to sell the items outright or leave the items with the shop owner to use as collateral for the loan. If the customer fails to repay the loan, the shop owner keeps the items and places them for sale in the shop.The shop owner adds a certain amount of interest to the loan and the customer must pay off the loan by a predetermined date.

Q.) What types of gold items can be used for cash for a gold loan?

A.) Customers bring many different types of gold items into the shop for a loan. These include gold jewelry, nuggets, coins and dental gold, such as gold teeth and crowns. Gold jewelry that is 24 karat is solid gold, so it’s worth more money than other pieces that may only be 14 or 18 karat gold. Most gold jewelry will have this information stamped on it, so you and the shop owner will be able to tell the value of each piece.

Q.) Are there other items besides gold that can be used to get a loan?

A.) In addition to gold pieces, a business that offers Cash for gold in Downers Grove also accepts other valuable items, such as musical instruments, computers, diamonds and silver.

RJ Jewelry & Loan Company offers buy, sell and trade options for jewelry, electronics, tools and collectible items. If you need cash in a hurry, sell your item for cash or take out a loan and use your gold or other valuables as collateral.

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