Commonly Asked Questions About A Jewish Preschool In Gaithersburg, MD

In Maryland, Jewish preschool programs provide amazing opportunities for children. They offer basic skills required for participating in religious ceremonies. They also provide basic educational skills needed throughout the child’s life. The following are common questions asked about a Preschool in Gaithersburg MD.

What are the Major Differences Between Jewish and Standard Preschool Programs?

Instead of standardized testing, the schools utilize Terra Nova tests. The program also provides children with the building blocks of Hebrew. They include lessons about religion and holidays celebrated. The preschools prepare the children for religious rites coordinated through their synagogue.

Do the Programs Prepare Children for Public Education?

Yes, at a preschool level, the children are taught the essentials they need for entering public school. They learn basic math, English, and science concepts. The children are also taught the fundamentals of Hebrew through these programs. They participate in activities that encourage learning in a fun and neutral environment.

Are Jewish Children Segregated from Others of Different Faiths at the Preschool?

No, Jewish children aren’t segregated from other children who reserve other religious faiths. All children may attend the preschool. Religious affiliation doesn’t restrict access to the program. Children are taught about cultural and religious differences in a basic form. All children are treated the same and encouraged throughout the program.

Are There Limitations for Extra-Curricular Activities for Children at the School?

No, children may participate in any extra-curricular activity of their choosing. For preschool programs, these programs are limited to those offered through the preschool only. Parents are encouraged to review these activities to determine if they are right for their children.

Is Every Class Instructed in Hebrew?

No, every class isn’t instructed in Hebrew. The children learn the basic fundamentals only. Hebrew is introduced into activities and lessons for the children. They aren’t provided advanced language arts at the preschool level.

In Maryland, parents are encouraged to enroll their children into Jewish educational programs. These programs heighten awareness of holidays and ceremonies involved in the Jewish religion. They also provide children with entertaining lessons to motivate them to learn. Parents who want to enroll their children into the Preschool in Gaithersburg MD contact B’nai Tzedek today.

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