Common Types of Lawn Care in Wellington, Florida

If you have a lawn, you need to make sure you are taking care of it as well as you possibly can. There are many different types of lawn care for your home. There are options for keeping your lawn cut short and just allowing it to grow as it naturally does. Also, you can give your lawn frequent treatments to keep it as green and as healthy as possible. Such a decision depends on what you want for your lawn. If you want it to be green year round, you need to make sure you are preparing for that type of lawn maintenance.

Fertilizing Schedules

There are many different times in which you can fertilize your lawn. If you are hiring professionals in lawn care in Wellington, Florida, they will likely use an inorganic fertilizer. For nutrients to be nutritionally available to your lawn and garden, they need to be rendered to their inorganic components. Therefore, a fertilizer that is already inorganic will be fast-acting. There are several options. Some people choose to fertilize their lawns at the beginning of winter. During the winter, most types of grass will slow their upward growth, but the roots will continue to develop; fertilizing those roots will help them grow strong.

Others choose lawn care services that fertilize their lawns during the summer. Some companies even have five different fertilization seasons. The choice is yours. You also might want to consider pest management services. Click here for more details.

Lawns and Pests

Lawn care and pest control go hand in hand. If you want to eliminate pests in your house, you need to reduce the number of pests around your house. Keeping your lawn cut short and keeping it free of standing water will help reduce the amount of pests around your house. Also, healthy lawns are often less attractive to pests than the lawns that contain dying and decaying vegetation. Keeping your lawn healthy can help keep your house free of pests.

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