Common Roof Problems That Require The Services Of Residential Roofing In Meridian ID

Having a sound roof plays a major role in keeping a home protected from the elements. Additionally, a dependable roof helps to insulate the home and adds value to the property. Read the information below to learn about common roof problems and why homeowners should contact Residential Roofing Meridian ID area contractors for any roof issues.

Leaks and Moisture

A roof that leaks can cause damage and moisture problems in the entire home. Attic insulation that’s ruined by water can tear apart and become less effective. Mold is another common problem that’s caused by water and moisture that originates from a leaky roof.

The structure of the home can become less stable when water drips onto the wooden frame and causes boards to rot. As the damage progresses, water can begin to leak from the ceiling and into the living space of the home. Floor coverings, furniture and other home furnishings may also sustain damage from a leaking roof.

Damaged and Missing Shingles

It’s very common for shingles to become damaged and even fly off the roof, when heavy winds blow. Shingle damage may include curled up edges and tears, which will prevent the shingles from properly protecting the roof. When shingles are blown off the roof it can cause adjacent shingles to become loose and eventually they’ll fall off the roof too.

When homeowners notice shingles missing from their roof they should call a contractor, such as Gem State Roofing, to inspect their roof for damage. These experts can assess the damage and make any needed repairs.

Shingle Deterioration

A shingled roof can last 20 years or more if it’s properly maintained and repaired when necessary. When homeowners wait too long to contact a Residential Roofing Meridian ID contractor to replace their roof, the shingles will lose their protective granules and they’ll begin to deteriorate. Considerable granule loss also occurs due to very unfavourable weather conditions, such as sleet and hail.

Meridian residents who need roof repairs or a whole new roof can contact a trusted roofing contractor for dependable service. Click Here to visit their website to learn more about their services and to request a free roofing estimate.

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