Common Reasons Why You Might Need Dental Implants in Short Hills

Implants provide a safe and long-lasting way to replace missing teeth. Made up of a metal implant that is placed in the bone and a crown that is designed to match your other teeth, most people won’t be able to tell that one or more teeth were ever missing, to begin with. To help you understand if implants in Short Hills, NJ, are right for you, here are a few common reasons why you might need implants.

Sports Injuries

If you are involved in any type of sports, there’s a risk that you could lose one or more teeth if you collide with another player or with a piece of equipment. While many sports injuries result in only a damaged tooth that can be repaired, there are certain situations where too much of the tooth is damaged to be saved. In these cases, an implant can offer a permanent solution to restore confidence, especially in a younger athlete who has a lot of life ahead.

Genetic Conditions

In some cases, you may be missing teeth due to a genetic condition. Sometimes, when baby teeth fall out, no permanent teeth grow in to replace them. In other cases, there may be no teeth at all in a particular location, either baby or permanent. In either scenario, implants in Short Hills, NJ, are quite effective at restoring the appearance of your smile and preventing the surrounding teeth from moving into the gap where the missing tooth should have been.

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