Common Reasons Why Homeowners Might Be Calling Their Plumber Jacksonville FL

Many homeowners save money by taking care of minor plumbing problems themselves. However, calling in a professional Plumber in Jacksonville FL is sometimes inevitable. A plumber not only resolves larger, more complex plumbing issues, he or she can also get in there and do the dirty work if the homeowner simply does not want to. Luckily there are several local Plumbers Jacksonville FL to choose from.

Homeowners often contribute to their plumbing problems without even realizing they are doing so. Here is a list of common reasons why you might have your Plumber Jacksonville FL on speed dial.

Excessive Drain Cleaner Usage

Hair and soap scum can easily accumulate in bathroom sink drains. Over the counter drain cleaners help to clear the clogs that those foreign objects cause. Most drain cleaners contain very harsh chemicals. When used in moderation, drain cleaners can be relatively safe and effective. However, using too much can actually erode your pipes. A plumber generally will prefer to clear the clog with a mechanical snake instead of using a harsh drain cleaner.

Pouring Cooking Oil Down the Drain

Cooking oil is one of the fastest ways that a homeowner can clog their drains. Household drains are simply not made for grease disposal. A garbage disposal unit is no way to dispose of grease either. Once cooled, used cooking oil should be poured into a container, sealed, and then thrown into the trash. Homeowners should refrain from disposing of fibrous foods down the garbage disposal or drain as well.

Putting Trash in the Toilet

The only items that should be going down your toilet are toilet paper and human waste. Sanitary napkins and other foreign objects should all be disposed of correctly in a trash receptacle. The drain pipe for the toilet is likely connected to the drain pipe that connects the entire house. Flushing even one item down the toilet that is not supposed to be there can lead to a backed up house.

Homeowners can save money on plumbing costs if they avoid careless plumbing practices like the ones provided above. While your plumber would no doubt love the business, stay smart and save yourself the trouble.

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