Common Questions and Answers About Line Snaking in Corona CA

Clogged drains are frustrating to deal with, especially when liquid pipe cleaners and plumbers are no help. However, Line Snaking in Corona CA is a handy process that is great for clearing stubborn pipes. For more convenience, the professionals at First Choice Plumbing answer a few common questions about drain snakes.

Are There Different Types of Drain Snakes?

There are various sizes and styles of drain snakes. Some are small and flexible handheld devices. Others are more powerful and motorized. Each one is made to fit specific types of drains, including showers, toilets, sinks, and sewers.

Can a Household Drain Snake Repair a Clog in the Main Sewer Drain?

These tools are normally used to find and break up clogs within a branch drain line. In cases where there is a clog in the main sewer drain, a professional grade sewer snake will be required. When there are strange sounds coming from a toilet or there is water coming up a shower drain, there could be a clog in the main sewer line. At this point, it is time to call a plumber.

How Can a Homeowner Keep Drains from Clogging?

Clogs result from soap scum, grease, oil, hair, and other non-water-soluble substances that build up inside pipes. The first step to protect the plumbing is to be cautious of what is put in sinks and toilets. When possible, pour grease, medicine, wipes. and oils in trash receptacles. Also, a small investment in small screens or grates to put over sink and shower drains will prevent hair from accumulating in the pipes.

How Do Drain Snakes Work?

This particular tool is comprised of a long, coiled spiral that is about ¼ inch thick and comes with a handle. The spiral goes into the clogged drain, and the handle turns to push the snake further into the pipe until it hits the obstruction. It then goes into the clog, breaks up part of it and then the rest can be pulled out.

Line Snaking in Corona CA is an excellent way to free pipe obstructions, but if the help of an expert plumber is needed, Contact Us at 951-780-8171. First Choice Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers fast service and is 100% insured and registered to operate in California. Find good, old fashioned customers service here.

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