Common Questions About Shifting Foundations And Foundation Leveling In Houston TX

If you suspect that your house has foundation issues, it’s essential that you contact an experienced company that specializes in Foundation Leveling in Houston TX. To learn more about home foundation issues and house leveling, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are common causes of home foundation issues?

A.) The foundation of your home can move due to various reasons including shifting soil, an improperly built foundation and excessive water in the soil. If the dirt underneath your foundation is extremely dry, this causes the ground to shrink and as the ground moves, so will your foundation. If the soil around your foundation is extremely wet, due to heavy rainfall or drainage problems, this causes the ground to swell and as it moves, it shifts your house. If the foundation underneath your home wasn’t built strong enough to withstand the weight of your home, this can also cause the foundation to shift.

Q.) What are the signs of home foundation problems?

A.) There are numerous signs that you should look for that signal home foundation problems. Problems that you may notice inside your home may include doors and windows that are difficult to open and close. You may also notice vertical cracks at the corners of your windows and doors that extend up to the ceiling. Other signs inside your house may be uneven floors or tiles that are coming loose from the floor. Signs that are visible on the outside of your home include vertical cracks in the bricks and long cracks in your foundation walls.

Q.) What steps should be taken for home foundation repair?

A.) After contacting an experienced company, the contractor that specializes in Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, will do an inspection of your home. If the inspector notices that you have foundation problems, you shouldn’t waste any time before contacting a company that does foundation repair and leveling. If you wait too long to have your house leveled, the cracks will become larger and cause your house to shift even more.

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