Common Procedures Associated with Dental Surgery in Richmond VA

Healthy teeth enable one to eat different types of food and drink without experiencing problems. White teeth enable one to smile confidently thus boosting one’s self esteem. The fact that teeth chew different types of food; hard, acidic, sugary, cold and warm renders them susceptible to various problems that may require dental surgery in Richmond VA.

Most problems can be handled by the family dentists since all dentists are generally trained to treat similar problems. An exception is given to kids who require a specialized doctor because of the delicate nature of their teeth. Some of the common surgical procedures done include:

Filling cavities

This involves putting amalgam inside the cavities to fill them up and avoid continued decay due to damage by bacteria. Cavities are a major problem whose solution is making regular appointments with the tooth doctor and brushing teeth after meals.

Tooth implants

This generally involves replacing a removed tooth with an aesthetic material that is shaped to resemble a normal tooth. The tooth is placed firmly inside your jaw making it the best solution to lost teeth.

Placing dentures

These are false teeth that comprise of a partial or complete set of dentition that are attached to the palate by an adhesive or close teeth using metal or plastic grasps. Unlike implants, dentures can be removed at wish as they are not fixed to the jaw.

Tooth extraction

It involves removing a diseased tooth or one that has grown on top of another. This is a common procedure sought by most patients.

X-ray filming

Routine x-ray scans are done to find hidden dental structures, bone loss and cavities. The film produced enables easy assessment of the state of the teeth. It may be intraoral, or extra oral depending on the part to be filmed.


Cleaning is often done by a dental hygienist or assistant who helps remove malignant substances that are stuck in spaces between teeth and inside the cavities. It can also be done in greater detail by the cosmetic dentist to include teeth whitening and veneer coverings.

It is advisable to make preventive checkups to avoid painful inconveniences like tooth aches and sensitivity to cold and hot substances.

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