Common Problems That Require Wood Flooring Repair in NYC

Wood floors can last for decades if made from quality hardwood and are properly maintained and. This material can be used almost in any room from the kitchen to bathroom to sitting room. It is cheaper than concrete and does not involve a lot work when installing it. Contrary to beliefs, the timber can be vacuumed and even damp mopped, but it has to be properly sealed. However, after many years of use wood may start cracking, loosen or break. There are many firms that specialize in Wood Flooring Repair in NYC and can help fix it.

The most common timber types include solid and tropical hardwoods as well as engineered timber. Expertise and special equipment are required in fixing wood floor problems. Some of these problems may include:

Cracks on the floor

Due to aging, cracks usually develop mainly on the upper surface of timber. Small cracks may only require few angled nails and patched with putty to hide them. If the cracks are big, it is advisable to consider a professional to refinish it.

Plank gaps

This problem occurs naturally and is very common with almost all types of timber. As wood ages, it gets dry and shrinks naturally and expands upon accumulation of water or due to moisture. A common sign is the variation in the gap width between various seasons. Small gaps should not cause worry, but bigger ones may require the expertise to fix. Leaving them open may be dangerous to children.

Warped floor

This is also referred to as sagging of the timber. This is usually caused by accumulation of water in the wood. Also, very humid weather conditions can cause sagging. A better maintenance method would be to apply a sealant that prevents seeping of water or moisture into the wood. Pressure exerted by people stepping on the floor may increase the sagging. The wood may break if heavy objects exert too much pressure on it.


The floor is not appealing if it is stained and contains funny writings done with crayon. This causes it to lose the uniform natural look. An expert can easily refinish it with paint that resembles the timber color.

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