Common Measures Used For Bed Bug Control In Scottsdale, AZ

In Arizona, homeowners need fast pest control. These services mitigate common risks associated with pest infestations. These risks include property damage and the potential for exposure to disease. Local pest control services provide Bed Bug Control Scottsdale AZ for these homeowners.

Disassembling and Treating Beds

The first task in eliminating bed bugs is to treat the beds and bedding. The extermination team disassembles the bed first. Next, they spray chemicals on the mattress and box springs. They wrap the mattress and box springs in plastic sheeting securely. These measures kill the bed bugs that have infested these furnishing. They also prevent any bugs that didn’t die initially from escaping and infesting other furniture.

Treating Furniture in the Affected Area

The extermination team treats all furniture in the affected area. Bed bugs often hide in dark, dusty spaces. The most common areas are dressers. However, they are known to hide in baseboards as well. The extermination team sprays chemicals inside these areas to kill off any bed bugs that travel into the home through these areas.

Packaging Stuff Toys and Pillows

All stuff toys and pillows affected by the bed bugs must be wrapped in plastic as well. The extermination team may place these items into thick plastic bags to kill the bed bugs completely. They provide an appropriate time limit for keeping these items in the bags. The homeowner should also place the items in the dryer before placing them back into the affected area. They should set their dryer to the highest heat level.

Complete Cleanup Services

The extermination team returns to the home to conduct the cleanup service. They remove all dead bug beds that were killed during the extermination services. They sanitize all areas affected by the infestation. This reduces health risks for homeowner sand their family.

In Arizona, bed bugs are a common pests that affect homeowners. These insect feed off the blood of the homeowner while they sleep. They produce itching and irritation due to these bites. Homeowners that have an existing infestations should acquire Bed Bug Control Scottsdale AZ by contacting Alliance Pest Management for an appointment today.

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