Common Issues Requiring AC Repair in Harmony, FL

Maintaining your HVAC system regularly will guarantee that it runs smoothly and effectively. While regular maintenance can’t guarantee that repairs won’t be necessary for the future, it can help prevent small problems from becoming large ones.

Here are a few common issues that often require AC repair in Harmony, FL.

AC Condenser Constantly Cycles

It should never get to a point where your AC system constantly switches on and off, nor should it operate continuously. If your air conditioning system is regularly turning on and off or tripping breakers, it’s time for some much-needed maintenance from a qualified technician at Smith’s Air Conditioning, Inc.

Brief cycling indicates that something is amiss with your system; instead of numerous short cycles in an hour, the compressor should complete a full cycle.

High Humidity Levels Inside the Home

Controlling the humidity levels in your house is one of the functions of your air conditioning system. The humidity in your house is at its peak during the spring and summer months. Fortunately, this is also when we use our air conditioning the most.

It’s time for AC repair in Harmony, FL if you observe excessive humidity levels inside your home even with the air conditioning running.

Higher-Than-Average Utility Costs

Something else that might signal that your AC requires repair is higher-than-normal utility bills. The increase in your monthly bill is often due to your system not running as efficiently as it should be. This could be something minor that is easily fixed, such as a short in a wire, or it can mean that the entire HVAC system needs replacement.

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