Common In Office Procedures Performed By Dentist in Overland Park

A good dentist will be able to perform a wide array of dental services without having you ever leave their office. Procedures such as dental crowns or extractions can be performed in office, even though they require minor anesthesia. The following is a list of common in office procedures that your Overland Park In Dentist should be able to perform.
One of the best things you can do for your oral health is to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year. The cleaning process will usually take around 45 minutes or so, during which the Dentist in Overland Park will perform plaque scraping and polishing of your teeth. If you regularly get your teeth cleaned, you can avoid other in depth procedures such as fillings or tooth extractions.
Whether or not you routinely have cleanings, you will more than likely develop cavities that need to be filled. For this procedure, the dentist will start by numbing your mouth and then drill the cavity out of the tooth. After the drilling is complete the dentist will fill the hole with a resin material, which will harden inside of the drilled hole. This procedure will not require any anesthesia and will generally take about an hour to complete.
A crown can be placed over a highly decayed tooth in order to protect the nerves inside from damages. The crown will usually take two visits to complete; the first visit to the dentist will involve the removal of the damaged tooth, after which a mold will be made to ensure a proper fit of the new crown. The second visit to the dentist will be mainly for installing your new crown and talking about any questions you may have about the care of the crown. This procedure is also anesthesia free and takes around two hours per visit to complete.
If you are looking for a knowledgeable and experience dentist to perform these procedures, you should call Stephen Huber, DDS for an appointment. Dr. Huber can provide a wide array of dental procedures ranging from cleanings to cosmetic procedures. You can give him a call today or Click Here to schedule a consultation to assess your dental needs.