Common Forms of Physical Therapy in Hawaii

Physical therapy is a form of therapy, which helps patients regain their abilities or relieve pain. It can be used for several medical situations such as helping a patient learn to walk again or relieving hip pain due to a fall. Here are some of the common forms of Physical Therapy in Hawaii that are frequently used.
If a patient has an injury or has had surgery on their knee, back, or a muscle area, they may be required to undergo orthopedic physical therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to help them regain flexibility and make the targeted area stronger. As part of this therapy, the physical therapist will help and teach their patients exercises along with other helpful tips. Patients may have to attend their sessions daily at Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Honolulu or their local clinic until they become stronger.
Children under the age of 18, who have motor skills delays, an injury, or an illness that causes mobility issues, are good candidates for pediatric physical therapy in Hawaii. For motor skills delays or mobility issues, the physical therapist will work with the children on improving their skills using exercises such as picking up blocks and keeping their balances. If the child has an injury such as a broken leg or knee injury, the physical therapist will use the same methods used in orthopedic therapy.
For patients with heart or lung issues, their physicians may request that they receive cardiovascular physical therapy. Patients often start this form of therapy soon after they have had any type of heart or lung surgery. The sooner that the patient start this therapy, the soon he or she can return to living a normal live. As part of this therapy, the therapist will work with the patient to build up their endurance using walking and breathing exercises.
Geriatric physical therapy is a form of therapy focuses on elderly patients. It can be used to help with illnesses such as arthritis and osteoporosis. This type of physical therapy at Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation and other medical clinics is performed by a physical therapist to help patients improve their mobility and balance. It is also be used to reduce swelling and pain.