Common Causes of Low Back Pain in St Louis

8824876_lFor many people, dealing with lower back pain on a daily basis is just part of their life that they have to deal with. Generally, people will deal with this pain until it becomes unbearable and then they usually seek the help of a chiropractor. There are many different treatments that can be used to treat lower back pain, it usually depends on which one you are the most receptive to. The longer you wait to have your lower back pain treated, the more damage you could possibly do to your back. The following are a few of the common causes of Low Back Pain in St Louis.

Constant Standing

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is constantly standing, which most people have to do because of the demands of their job. The pressure that is put on your lower back when you are standing will put stress on the muscles and lead to pain. For some, cutting down on the amount of standing that they do is not an option due to their jobs. There are many different braces and massages that can be used to reduce the amount of pain that you have and allow you to live a somewhat normal life free of pain.

Lifting Can Be Harmful

Another very common cause of lower back pain is constant lifting, which is usually due to the demands of a job. The more you lift each day, the more pain that you will start to have each day. Lifting on a daily basis can start to damage the muscles in your back, which if left untreated could cause serious problems and even surgery. The best way to get the relief that you need for your back problems is by visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis.

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