Common Cat And Dog Surgeries Performed At A Veterinary Hospital In Richmond TX

A Veterinary Hospital Richmond TX area veterinarian frequently performs various types of animal surgeries. Some are emergency surgeries and they must be performed immediately for the health of the animal. There are other types of surgeries, which are not considered an emergency, that veterinarians often recommend for cats or dogs. Below you’ll read about some of the most common pet surgeries that are performed by a qualified veterinarian.

Spay and Neuter Surgeries

This type of surgery, that’s frequently performed on cats and dogs, is often recommended by veterinarians to help control the pet population. Spaying or neutering a pet can also help to prevent various types of cancers. This is an outpatient surgery and pets can go home a few hours after the surgery is completed.

Tooth Extractions

Both cats and dogs can have tooth problems, especially if they don’t regularly visit a veterinarian for a dental cleaning and checkup. A decayed, broken or loose tooth can lead to an infection or an abscess in the tooth. This causes the animal pain and it can lead to other health problems.

Torn ACL Repair

A common type of surgery that’s often performed on dogs is the repair of a torn anterior cruciate ligament or ACL. This is a ligament that’s located in the hind legs. An active dog can tear or rupture this ligament and this causes pain in the leg and the animal will limp. Veterinarians recommend this surgery for large dogs who have completely torn the ligament. If the dog is small or if the ligament has a minor tear, the vet may recommend other treatments besides surgery.

Cancer Surgeries

Both dogs and cats can get various types of cancer and a Veterinary Hospital Richmond TX area veterinarian will perform surgery to remove the cancer. Common types of animal cancer include skin masses and liver cancer. Cats frequently develop cancer of the mouth or nasal cavity. Other common types of cancer in dogs include eyelid cancer and cancer of the spleen. Click here for more details.

Greatwood Veterinary Hospital provides complete animal care including vaccinations, surgeries, dental services and grooming. If you need to schedule surgery for your pet, contact the clinic to schedule an appointment. If your pet needs emergency surgery or treatment, contact a veterinarian immediately.

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