Common Cases Related to Family Law in Scranton, PA

The field of family law is probably one of the most complex branches of law. Lawyers who offer personalized services to families often have their hands full with research studies. Due to the emotional nature of such cases, lawyers have to draw a very fine line between their professional and personal interests. As an officer of the court, it is your responsibility to give the best advice to your client and to make sure that he or she acts within the best interests of all parties involved. There are many common family problems that might require legal assistance. Here are a few.


Obtaining a divorce is a big decision. However, if you feel that you just can’t live with your partner anymore, it’s the only thing left to do. However, divorce proceedings can be difficult to sit through. You will need a professional attorney who specializes in family law in Scranton, PA to help you out. Reliable attorneys such as have a very strong reputation in the city. With their combined experience, they can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Child Custody

If you think that you are better suited and equipped to raise your child, you will need to file a child custody case in court. Due to the emotional nature of such cases, it’s very important that you hire a reputable lawyer who specializes in handling family law cases. Your lawyer will prove to the court that you are better equipped to raise the child, and may even request the court to set child support payments. Similarly, your family attorney can also handle other family-related issues such as filing a restraining order, adoption and surrogacy, juvenile adjudication, and paternity testing. You should contact the lawyer and discuss your problem in detail before making a move. View website for more details about the family law in Scranton, PA.

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