Common Cases Handled By A Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Lawyers

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A Personal Injury Lawyer, also referred to as a trial lawyer, is a legal professional who has been trained to represent plaintiffs who allege to have been injured physically, psychologically due to negligence of another person, organization or entity. In the case where a plaintiff sues another person, there must be a proof of liability. Personal injury lawyers must be experienced in the field of tort law, which is a specialized area that incorporates civil wrongs, injuries, breach of contracts and defamation claims. The purpose of the law of tort is to help the plaintiff recover the losses that arise out of the action of another person and to deter or discourage potential wrong doers from committing similar wrongs.

As a means of restoring the plaintiff to his or her original state, personal injury lawyers are charged with presenting evidence, arguments and filing witness statements to help the plaintiff receive compensation. Compensation may include losses suffered as a result of the pain, current and future medical expenses, emotional distress, loss of incomes, and legal costs. Personal injury lawyers are on the forefront when it comes to protecting plaintiffs against victimization from their employers, insurance companies and liable parties.

Many people are not aware of the types of cases that may be brought before the court for compensation. Any case that results in a bodily injury or injury that disturbs your psychological well being is classified under personal injury law, and should be handled with due regard it deserves. Personal injury lawyers may help you with numerous personal injury cases, and they include the following:

     *     Car accidents

     *    Animal Bite Injuries

     *    Burn Injuries

     *    Birth injuries

     *    Boating injuries

     *    Slip and Fall Accidents

     *    Wrongful Death

     *    Nursing Home Abuse

     *    Medical malpractice

     *    Defective Products

     *    Construction Accidents