Common Benefits of Using Carlsbad Laser Hair Removal

You probably have your own way of removing your body hair — waxing, tweezing, shaving…you name it. You might even have tried it all. You also probably know the hassle and the pain you are experiencing with these different methods. What’s most frustrating is the temporary “hairlessness” these methods provide. There is a different method that you might want to hear about – laser hair hair removal in Carlsbad.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

First, laser hair removal keeps the skin intact. The process does not damage the skin because it is focused on eliminating only the hair, but it will cause some irritation.

Second, it is fast. The hair on your upper lip could be eliminated in just a matter of a minute. It is said that this procedure can remove hair in an area the size of a quarter in one second. The hair on your legs will be quickly removed.

Third, the area will be totally hair free and you won’t have irritating stubble in two days.

Fourth, if you continue with treatments it will become permanent. After undergoing four to seven treatments, your hair won’t ever grow back.

What to Expect Before and After the Procedure

The laser hair removal Carlsbad and Encinitas requires some preparations before the procedure. Your hair will be trimmed first until only a few millimeters remain above the surface of your skin. The equipment (laser) would then be adjusted to your skin type and the condition of your hair.

After the procedure, your treated skin will look like it has been sunburned. This would be the condition for about 2 days. You may apply moisturizers or cold compress to help the skin heal.

Medical Spa

Laser hair removal in Carlsbad and other beauty treatments are available at the relaxing Rejeuvine Medspa. They offer cosmetic and spa services for customers. For inquiries, you may contact them at visit their site.

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